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Erin McGann

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This was taken in May 2013, in our living room after my quadriplegic husband toppled from his wheelchair- it's not the most stunning photo of our beautiful puppy but it captures his spirit.

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Our German shepherd passed away in April, and my husband had a very hard time coping with the loss. After my suggestion to visit the shelter he agreed and in pen number 1 we found Cooper and I knew right away he was for us. What I didn't know is how helpful he could be. He not only helped both my husband and I emotionally deal with our recent loss, but has come to understand that my husband needs help with certain things. Cooper helps to pull Stephen up steep hills when we go on walks. He has also learned (with no formal training) to pick things up for Stephen when he drops them-like paper, pens, his cell phone etc- which happens quite a lot. Cooper is our protector as well, and gives me a sense of security. Because my husband is a quadriplegic/amputee, if anyone were to try to break in I would have to be the one to handle it but with Cooper here I worry a lot less because he barks to alert us.
When we go out people have a chance to see all these amazing things that Cooper has shared with us. We love telling the story about how he was the first dog we saw at the shelter and that it was love at first sight. That love is apparent in the picture I shared. I have a ton of lovely photos of Cooper but this "in the moment" shot shows how Cooper helped turn a scary tumble out of a wheelchair into a play wrestle match and had my husband laughing with joy. Above all else, this value of unconditional love has no limit. To bring joy and distraction to a man in chronic pain and to make his life fuller is the greatest gift and we are so grateful to have Cooper in our lives.

Which Shelter would you like the $1,500 donation to be made to on your behalf?

Shelter: Animal Humane Society Bound for Home

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I was totally set on voting for Donna Andres because I just love senior citizens and I know that her dog is very special and helps her in words she could not express. But this one brought tears and joy and heartfelt gladness that this dog is here for this couple. So I voted for Cooper.

by kristin.taghon
over 2 years ago | Reply

What a beautiful story and photo. Thank you for sharing.

by katy.change
over 2 years ago | Reply

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