Jane Singer Eckstein

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Jane Singer Eckstein

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October 25, 2012 ECF Kayne-Eras School

How Does your pet add value to your life and community?


Our amazing social therapy dog, Caspy has gone from "rescued to rescuer." Found abandoned in a high-kill shelter, Caspy was rescued by New Leash on Life and adopted by our family. Caspy works miracles when he visits challenged youngsters at the ECF Kayne-Eras Center as shown in the photo, the little boy whispered to Caspy that he felt happy. That autistic, non-verbal child spoke to our little dog! On many occasions, Caspy's sweet, gentle nature, kisses and willingness to "listen," calms many eases their fears, and introduces them to a new friend.
He has a job as a proud member of the Lend A Paw therapy dog program. He leads, we follow. He is an inspiration.

Which Shelter would you like the $1,500 donation to be made to on your behalf?

Shelter: Animal Humane Society Bound for Home

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