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Carolyn Bivens

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Cal State Fullerton during Special Olympics program - May 2013

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Immediately following treatment for breast cancer, I wanted to adopt a dog. After filing papers at a few local events, we saw the picture of a 6-month stray Havanese in Northern California. We drove the 6 hours to retrieve Mop, soon to become Monster; I held him in my arms the entire trip back. Monster settled in quickly and clearly enjoyed obedience training. We went through agility and pet therapy training finally earning our certification. We spend two days a week in the local infusion/chemo department, surgical waiting area and fulfilling special requests for visits. Our work gives meaning to our lives and makes sense out of a chapter of our lives which previously held pain. Monster and I know what it means to be isolated and to hurt so we understand the need for kindness, compassion and understanding. Frequently we are thanked by patients which is nice but we let each one know time with them feeds our soul. We are such great examples of the remarkable blessings which can emerge from the darkest experiences. We are grateful for each moment, every day and the people we get to spend time with each week.

Which Shelter would you like the $1,500 donation to be made to on your behalf?

Shelter: Nebraska Humane Society Camp Kindness

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Keep up your good work Carolyn with Monster. You are truly doing wonderful work and turning something bad into something good. God Bless you and Monster.

by heather.marvin.3
over 2 years ago | Reply

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