Gabi Vannini

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Gabi Vannini

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July 27 at the Motion Picture Institute in Troy, MI

How Does your pet add value to your life and community?


Bauer is a therapy dog who visits nursing homes with a local therapy group. I have always been a bit of an introvert but Bauer gets me out and about and talking with strangers who always have a lovely story to tell. The first time I saw him walk up to a lady in a wheelchair, and gently put his paw on her knee, her smile just melted me. I had nothing to do with it - it's amazing the intuition dogs possess all on their own. His therapeutic benefits are not limited to his official "visits," Bauer seems to draw attention everywhere he goes. He's kind of like a giant stuffed animal and people can't resist stopping to give him a hug. He'll sit down, lean against their leg and quietly let them work out some stress on his soft coat. The photo I submitted was taken at a dog expo/event that I was working at for the Humane Society I work for. Bauer is my go-to expo dog, and he was working the crowds at our booth. This young girl came along and gave him a hug, then sat down next to him. He put his paw in her lap and sat with her for about half an hour, just letting her pet him and giving her his full undivided attention. I love hearing at the nursing home that Bauer made someone's day... I am sure he made that young girl's week. The simple, quiet attention of a dog can be so powerful, and Bauer may be young (17 months) but he has a calm and kind soul.

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Shelter: Animal Humane Society Bound for Home

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What a precious dog and I love the relaxed sit he is in. Thanks for sharing and best of luck. He has my vote.

by tracy.caldwell.334
over 2 years ago | Reply

I love this story and this photo. Bauer is just beautiful. I also have a therapy dog called Finn. We go to a nursing home once a week and he is a big dog too - a samoyed crossed with a golden retriever. A big white bear. He is well loved at the home and like Bauer, brings joy to what can be a bleak day.

Good luck in the competition!

Kate and Finn (from Australia)

by kate.geikowski
over 2 years ago | Reply

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